My name is Jenn and I live just south of Denver with my gorgeous husband and The Best Dog on the Planet.  I love food and wine and don’t totally despise exercise and, as a result, have found myself drawn to a growing list of healthy living blogs that I enjoy and feel like I can relate to.  In an effort to turn this little hobby of time-suckage into something that felt constructive I figured I’d give blogging a try myself!  If nothing else, the time I spend surfing these other sites now becomes “research”, right?  🙂  Guilt be Gone!

I am by no means a person that is naturally technologically inclined and as of this second I don’t even own my own camera that isn’t encased in disposable cardboard.  I am also a rather reticent and admittedly slow learner when it comes to anything electronic.  So bear with me.  This should be interesting at best and (more likely) amusing at worst. 

I have no formal qualification regarding diet or exercise (aside from having kept myself breathing and beating for 30+ years) so please take anything I say with a grain of salt (unless you have high blood pressure.  No salt for you!).  I have a tendency towards humor with a rather heavy reliance on sarcasm.  If anything I say offends you please go back and reread said offence in your best Janeane Garofalo impression circa Reality Bites.  If, after this little experiment, you are still offended….well I probably don’t really care….but there’s a chance I might so if you’re not a nutjob and it’s really bothering you that much go ahead and let me know.  I’ll consider taking your constructive criticism under advisement.  But only if I decide you’re smarter than me.  Good luck.

So that’s it. 

For now.

I guess.

Let’s see what happens!


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