And if there is, we find new and exciting ways to pass the time. 

Take yesterday for example…I had the whole day off and didn’t want to just sit around twiddling my thumbs.  But what’s a girl to do when it’s overcast and frosty outside?  I’ll tell you how we roll in this house…

We cut stuff off our dog!!!

Betcha you’re glad you don’t live with us, huh?

What, you don’t believe me?  That’s no special effects, my friends.  See?


Cool haircut, A.K.!

Oh settle down.  It’s not like we went at the Killing Machine with a pair of hedge clippers.  We paid good money (a whole LOT of good money) to have someone else do the slice-and-dice.  Specifically:  our awesome vet.

See, A.K. has developed an irritating habit of growing extra “brains” in places other than in his melon.  The last one came back cancer. 

Scary stuff.

So we keep a very close watch on our little money-pit.  And one of his most recent growths had gotten suddenly bigger and more sensitive.  Time for it to go. 

While they had him under they also took a (much smaller) brain off the underside of his tail, cleaned his teeth and gave him a “surgical toenail clipping”. 

On the upside, I’m told his teeth and gums look positively perfect and his nails have never looked better!  🙂

I assure you it looks worse than he seems to think it feels.  Aside from enjoying some killer painkillers (wrapped in cheese, turkey, vienna sausages, etc) and extra wet food at every meal it’s pretty much business-as-usual for the dog. 

Tough little guy.

Anyways, I told him chicks dig scars.