(also known as my little brown dog A.K.-47 TKM),

Thank you. 

For once I am actually grateful for the sensitive, time-release nature of your stomach.  See, if I had not been actively terrified of the impending vomit storm that would have resulted, I probably would have slept for another two or three hours this morning thus wasting a good portion of my day off.  Instead I was up-and-at-’em at nine-thirty and have had quite the fabulous (and productive) day. 


So after the pooch got his much-anticipated breakfast we called up my mom and met her at the Garden of the Gods for a visit and a solid hour-long walk.  It was gorgeous despite the gale force winds today and we opted for a little off-road adventure with the Killing Machine.  He was non-plussed. 

What should have been a brisk and pleasant walk was more of a drag due to uneven and rocky terrain and the dog was visibly miffed at me for not knowing better.  And who could blame him?  But once we made it back to packed dirt (and then pavement) he picked up the pace and trotted right along quite nicely.  Good dog. 

His efforts were rewarded handsomely by my mother who came prepared with a pocket full of treats!  He got to chow down on three “mailmen” and one “dogcatcher” over the course of the hour which I think helped to temper his mood a bit. 

When we got back home Todd and I knocked out our workout for the day and then it was time for fun!

We were famished and so headed across town to Manitou Springs to the Coquette Creperie.  This place is absolutely awesome!  The entire restaurant is gluten-free and the specialize in GF crepes and quiches that are out-of-this-world.  My husband got his “usual” which is the Cajun crepe (spicy shrimp and creme sauce and other amazing deliciousness) and I opted for the Argentinian (chicken, green olives, rice, spices.  Quickly beginning to beat out the Cajun as my own personal favorite).  No pictures of either I’m afraid because we practically licked the plates.  Yes.  That good! 

And then dessert!  Our hands-down favorite (so far) is their strawberries and cream crepe.   I would like to just swim around in this plate and eat my way out.  I could have this every single day.  Food like this is the entire reason I exercise.  *sigh*

After eating we originally decided to wander around the town for a bit and peek into a couple of shops for my mom.  However.  We were quickly sidetracked my a well placed and enticingly lit old-time penny arcade!!!  We started out just looking around (they had old, OLD games as well as some of the really new ones) then eventually cashed in a couple of bucks to sink into a machine or two.  I personally really like the random “games” that either tell you about yourself (like this career finder one:  Love Pirate?!?!  They DO know me!!!)  or predict things about you (this mystic lady told me, among other things, that my magical color was Red.  Good to know.)…Meanwhile, Todd shot things.

We’ve decided to return to spend an entire afternoon there but for tonight we called it quits and headed for an after lunch drink at a local winery called D’Vine Wines.  It’s a franchise operation where they blend all of their wines on premises and it’s located right in downtown Manitou.  We like this place so much that for Todd’s birthday last year I got him/us memberships to the winery!  See?!?!  It’s official, somebody else thinks we are Very Important People!  Ha!

And our timing couldn’t have been better because it turned out they had just done a release of new wines so we were able to take home three “free” bottles tonight!  We got two Cab blends which I’m sure will be awesome, and one bottle of  a spiced Pinot that we’re supposed to heat up with cinnamon and orange.  We are totally psyched!  Helllloooo winter!


And now we are currently home with a honey-baked ham in the oven, a new bottle of Barbera “breathing”, a fire in the fireplace and (later) Grease in HD (with popcorn of course)!!!

And to think my day almost started with puke :).