So I’m not the most thoughtful person.  It’s okay, I’m aware of it, and I’m working on it. 

Who is the most thoughtful person?  My mother. 

As a result, my New Years Resolution for the last handful of years has been to be more attuned to the needs of others.  And often this results in me copying my mom and/or blatantly stealing her ideas and selling them to unsuspecting friends as my own.  Case in point:

I mentioned a post or two ago that a couple we adore is leaving. town.  Not just town but the state.  And actually not just the state but the continental United States.  So there you go.

Part of this journey is a crazy amount of driving across country with a hyper dog and two cats.  Party time?  Hardly.  So to ease the pain of travel, I got them a bag of…sugar?  Apparently.  Like I said, I’m new at this.  🙂  (And it wasn’t just sugar.  There were also some dog treats and some cat treats in there too.)  I had looked for some Mad Libs or trivia or something to give them something to occupy their time while riding the high-fructose wave but had no luck.  I guess they’ll just have to do what Todd and I do on long car trips.  Bicker unrelentingly.

See my mom had a couple of friends of hers move just a month or so ago and she had told me how she put together a goodie bag for them with her homemade trail-mix and what-all-else I don’t remember.  I thought that was incredibly nice of her.  And since they say that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” I wasted no time in flattering the hell out of my mother by hijacking her idea for my own.  Maybe next time I can come up with something all by myself.  Baby steps.  🙂

In all honesty though, it was really just a thinly veiled excuse to get to see the Truffas one more time before they left.  I know.  I’m such a softie.

Afterwards I headed back home to catch up with the woman behind this well-spring of thoughtfulness.  My mom!  We took the Killing Machine out for a three-mile walk in a VERY brisk Colorado afternoon and when we got back our reward was caramel coffee and a couple of pumpkin spice cookies that I made the other night!

Once we were all warmed up and had the pooch fortified we headed down the road to Outback Steakhouse.  This is a restaurant that I actually worked at for a number of years and is, incidentally, where I met my husband :).  Obviously there is a soft spot in my heart for this place and the fact that both their Ahi Tuna and their Grilled Shrimp on the Barbie are delicious doesn’t hurt either.  So we split one of each and a salad apiece and had a cocktail while we chatted. 

Fabulous food, fabulous visit, fabulous lady!

And now it’s time to tackle a crock-pot experiment and relax in front of the fire with my worn out doggie. 

Great day off!