So today was my day off from work and I can honestly say I took FULL ADVANTAGE of it :).

First things first.

Up by ten to get some blood work done.  Here’s a helpful hint for you, dear reader, if ever you go to have something like this done and anybody, at any time, asks you this question, “do you mind if a student does your draw?” your answer shall be thus, “yes.  Yes I do mind.”  See, I did not say this.  In my mind I figured that “everyone has to learn somewhere” and “it’s not like she can kill me, right?” 

For the record, my mind is dumb.

See Exhibit A. 

After said student poked me repeatedly, fumbled around a bit more and collapsed my vein, the actual professional came in to give my right arm the good old (tech)college try.  Thanks ladies.  Where’s my lollipop?


So I survived and headed home for a cup of coffee and a well deserved snack before debating my exercise-of-choice for the day.  Today was supposed to be P90X but…now my arms hurt!!!  (*insert exaggerated whine here*)  This means I’m off the hook for lifting heavy stuff?!  Yay!  I opted instead to head outside as it was gorgeous and wound up on a run that lasted for just a skosh over four miles.  Go me.

During the second half of this run is when the clouds started to roll in.  And the wind.  The chilly, chilly wind.  Let’s hustle.

After returning home and a(nother cup of coffee and a) shower, Todd and I decided to bite the bullet and go shopping.  For clothes.  Fun.

I should preface these next statements with the disclaimer that I would rather pull out my own eyelashes with a rusty set of tweezers than shop for clothes.  It is for this reason that all my photographs from the last FIVE YEARS are taken in identical outfits.  Well, identical except for the fact that in the more recent photos I look a little more faded.  A little more worn.  It’s not a good look.  Hence, the shopping.

First, to the mall.  We headed here because we had gift cards.  From last Christmas.  Like I said…

Old Navy gets us each a couple of sweaters and a decent dose of frustration.  Then on to Steinmart and Ross.  Hey there, Big Spenders!  🙂    We purchased the bare minimum to have this not count as a total waste of time, but not enough to save me from at least one more expedition in the near future.  At least it’s over. 

At some point during our little shopping spree, the aforementioned clouds and wind turned into our very first snow of the season!!!  It was blustery and heavy and wet and not one single flake of it will see the morning, but it was snow just the same!  Awesome!

In our brand-new winter wonderland, we hurried home and wrestled the dog into the car to race over to a(nother) vet appointment.  He sniffed and sulked.  He got some blood work of his own done and a toe(nail) cut off and we discussed with the vet yet another surgery to lop more stuff off my dog.  No joke.  More to come on that at another time.  And then home again for the dog and his bloody little stump.  We tried to appease him with treats and a tasty, tasty dinner but he was obviously pissed at us so we left him to his own devices and headed off into what could almost be considered an early blizzard to meet some friends for drinks.

We enjoyed a night out at The Ritz for drinks and snacks with our friends Courtney and Chris not only catching up (it’s been too long since we saw them!) but also saying a goodbye of sorts.  Not for good mind you, these two are too cool for us to lose track of, but “for now”.  They are moving out-of-state in a matter of days and onto their next adventure together.  We wish them the very best but are definitely sad to see them go.  We have, however, already threatened to come see them/invited ourselves to their new place once they’re settled.  We’re rude like that :).

And then home.  Whew!

Now we had been talking about turning on our fireplace for the season for a couple of weeks now.  And what better time than for the VERY FIRST SNOW?!?!  But our fireplace is “tricky”.  Not like it’s going to blow us up or even suffocate us with a slow gas leak.  It’s just really really hard to get started.  Long story short…

Girl.  Make.  Fire.

That’s right.  Take that, Fireplace!  🙂

So now we have a roaring (sputtering.  But functioning) fire, a chicken wing dinner and a couple of episodes of The Wire to look forward to.  Then rounding out the evening with some Dante’s Inferno and popcorn.  Not a bad day, if I do say so myself.

Hmmm…quite the badass day, actually. 

Good night!