Whoa whoa whoa…let’s not be crass.  🙂


I sort of feel like I haven’t had one spare second in weeks.

Part of it was I was under the weather.  Part was work.  Part was excessive sleep (possibly because of the whole “under-the-weather- thing”.  Or possibly just a “sleepy-thing”).

But a lot was fun.  Undocumented fun.  Which then led to guilt for not documenting and led into the snowballing effect of…”jeez-NOW where do I start/pick back up?!?!”

So, here you go.  With or without pictures.  Here’s a brief recap (in no particular order) of the last couple of weeks:

*  Had my mother over for a “thank-you dinner” for which I prepared and cooked my very first Cornish game hen(s)…and pumpkin mousse (for dessert).  Success on both counts! 

*  Bought (and finally figured out) a metal veggie steamer.  Now, I had owned one before, but it was a hand-me-down.  Have you ever bought one of these things new?  I literally had to Google “how to open a veggie steamer”.  Am I retarded?!?!  It’s like the chinese-finger-cuffs of the culinary world.  It took my husband and I half -an-hour to get the damned thing open…

*  …but once we finally DID, I successfully steamed a couple of artichokes!  This was my second-ever artichoke attempt and, while tasty with some oven-roasted garlic butter, it was probably my last.  These suckers are just too labor-intensive.  I’d rather pay somebody else to do the dirty work for me  :). 

*  Learned the difference between a “cooking pumpkin” and an “eating pumpkin”.  And was disappointed.

Finally hung some pictures in my living room!!!

*  Played catch-up with four of my girlfriends (some months overdue.  I’m terrible about keeping in touch).

*  Had a fabulous pizza feast with my dad on Halloween.  First time I’ve seen him since vacay.

*  Gotten back on track with my workouts.  Seems sleeping and stuffing my face does not, in fact, have the same benefits as actual exercise.  Who knew?

*  Met my mom a couple of days ago so she could try her very first pumpkin beer at Phantom Canyon.  She thought it was a little too sweet but I thought it was delightful.  But I had wine anyway.  So predictable, I know :). 

I actually also got to hang out with her again today.  She took me to a local production of Anne of Green Gables.  It was pretty cute and afterward we headed over to her place for some snacks and to play catch up.  Always a good time with this lady :).

*  Also, fall is finally here so we rang it in with one of our favorite recipes of the season Moroccan Chili with a Thousand Grains of Sand.  It’s a Rachel Ray recipe for lamb chili and we substitute quinoa for the couscous to keep it gluten-free.  One of the best things to ever come out of our kitchen and a cozy, hearty way to enjoy an evening together! 

And finally, I’ve spent quite a bit of time with a certain furry little monster.  Even the dog is enjoying his walks with the cooler weather rolling in.  Will wonders never cease!

So there you go.

Consider us all caught up and ready to move forward.  Horray!

The holidays are coming and the next few months promise to be full of family, friends and lots and LOTS of food! 

…and this guy…:)