I guess it happens every generation.  But….

Oh. My. God! 

Every chick that I know is either a mom or is pregnant or is “trying to get” pregnant (TMI, by the way)….Freaking babies everywhere! 

I suppose it’s an age thing.  

Assuming you’re not the creepy-weird-old friend or the annoying-clingy-young friend then you’re going to end up surrounding yourself with people approximating your own age.

And people “your own age” wanna, well…you know….


….I was gonna say “Have kids”.  Duh.


I have seen more “belly shots” in the last year than I did in my (rather rowdy and rambunctious) college career.  When that ment a whole different thing.

I know about chaffing.  And nipple pads.  And leakage.

And the surprising thing is that I CARE.

I’m serious.

No, I’m still not interested in babysitting.

No, I still don’t want to hold it.

No I MOST DEFINITELY do not “want-one-of-my-very-own”.  Ewww.


I am rather surprised at my own interest in these friends of mine in this new chapter of their lives.  Really.  I didn’t think I’d care all that much.  In all honesty, I thought I’d be annoyed. 

Instead, I feel kind of invested.

It’s really odd for me to get all weep-y and weird just talking about them (and by “them” I mean the “kid-things” by which I do not mean the “accoutrements-that-go-with-kids” , but the actual kids themselves.).  But I do.  I have an actual and genuine interest in things like sleep-cycles, and feeding-schedules, and Halloween costumes. **

What the hell?!?!

I think, though, that it is very interesting/fun to watch these women that I know (that are totally stoked about this stuff) to go through it. 

I love seeing them so excited.  And so afraid.

And I’m glad it’s not me.

But that just means that all is how it should be.

And all is right in the world. 

Thank you for not putting me in charge of populating the earth. 

Everyone thanks you!

**It should be noted that the weep-y–ness and caring does not extend past the people I actually know.  Random babies and baby-related stuff can go to hell.  Just so we’re clear.