But first. 

Our final afternoon in Florida before heading to the airport was spent saying goodby to the ocean:

And, almost sadder and more traumatic, we also had to say goodbye to our beloved Pompano Joe’s :(.

Now I know I sort of started at the end with this vacation recap so you are more than well aware of the trials and tribulations that awaited us at the airport.  What I’m not certain that I did mention was that we had the following day off from work as well.  On purpose.  We had that day off not only as a “buffer day” which both my husband and I need for our sanity before jumping headlong back into our day-to-day life, but we were also supposed to go to Denver.

This particular trip to Denver was a surprise for me from my husband.  An anniversary gift to be specific :). 

We really enjoy going to shows/musicals together.  We make a whole night of it with a fancy dinner and a cocktail or two.  And generally these shows are ones that we are both very much looking forward to. 

This show was Grease.  Grease!!! 

As it turns out, Todd was less than excited about this.  (Though as it also turns out he’s never actually seen the fabulousness that is John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.  This will be rectified!)

What I think he was excited about, however, was dinner at the Limelight.  (This is a contemporary fine-dining place that is literally within sight of the front doors of the theatre.)  And rightfully so!  I wound up with the absolute best pork chop I have ever had in my entire life!

This is definitely a place we will be visiting in the future.  Fabulous food, impeccable service, a cool atmosphere and an unbeatable location for a snack prior to entertainment at the Buell.  Awesome! 

And then…Rizzo!  Sandy!  Danny!  Frenchie!  I could go on and on…but I won’t.  What a great night, a great gift, a wonderful husband!