Since a lot of the trip had been geared to getting to (almost) everywhere we wanted to visit and revisiting familiar haunts, though we had been enjoying each others company and all the food and drink we almost felt like we had sort of neglected the beach itself.  So my dad got up early (surprise, surprise) and reserved us an umbrella and a couple of beach chairs surfside.  So we spent the first half of our afternoon with our toes in the sand reading and enjoying the scenery.  We took a short walk over to The Whale’s Tail, an outdoor restaurant/bar for a small snack of smoked tuna and a refreshment just to tide us over until our feast-to-come later that night. 

After snacktime we headed back to the beach chairs.  Busy busy.  🙂

And then back to the condo for lunch. 

Now before I go on I should probably mention three things:

1.  On all past trips my father has adamantly insisted on Todd and I taking a minimum of one night “out on the town” on our own.  No excuses.  No exceptions.  We generally fight him on it but then eventually decide he’s just sick of looking at our ugly mugs and give him a break. 

2.  He had made the same sentiment known on our first day on this trip.  The problem was, the “nights out” were all to places that we wanted to share.  For example, he bailed on The Crab Trap last year.  The.  Crab.  Trap.  Oh my.  So this trip we got him for Bonefish.  We got him for Crab Trap (Ha!).  And the third, and final, evening out was planned to (possibly) hit up a new fine dining-ish joint.  Todd and I decided to split the difference and spend an afternoon without my dad to give him a break from us but to also negate his argument to stay home from a delicious meal.

3.  I think my dad lies.

Here’s the thing.

He was fine that morning.  He went for a drive.  Spent the afternoon looking at condos.  And the plan was for him to get back in time to clean up and head for dinner.

He showed up looking haggard.  Looking sick. 

Then he begged off the evening.

And insisted that we go have a good time.  But could we maybe-please-stop-on-the-way-back-and-pick-him-up-some-chicken-noodle-soup?  Umm, obviously.

Also, he looked terrible.  Poor guy.

So we did actually take off for the harbor.  It was clear that if we tried to stay he was going to be unpleasant so…let’s eat!  We headed over to AJ’s but the parking situation is atrocious.  Instead we backtracked down the road by a couple of parking lots to the Fisherman’s Wharf.  Still on the Harborwalk and I’d seen it before but never been.  But plenty of parking. 

We’re not interested in being dirtbags, so we went in for drinks and apps to officially be “paying customers”. 

It was delightful!  Todd got a pina colada  and I made my second attempt at a white wine spritzer and we looked over the snack options before settling on their version of crab claws (cheating on Pompano Joe’s?!?!) and their Buffalo Shrimp.  The latter was about what it sounds like and just as tasty.  You can pretty much batter anything and smother it in hot sauce and I will consider that a tasty, tasty winner.  And their crab claws were actually quite good.  Different, but good.  We will leave it at that. 

We wandered a bit more and Skinner spied a “tequila bar” so we stopped in and after a quick glance at the menu decided on sharing two of their flights.  If memory serves I believe we did the blanco and the anejo flights which translates into 6 half-shots of different tequila.  Not too shabby for a pre-dinner treat! 

  Next up was a tasty dinner at the Crazy Lobster!

We almost bypassed this place because it looked a bit gaudy, a bit too kid-friendly, and we were sort of watching the clock.  We figured we wanted to get back to the condo at a reasonable time with my dads soup.

It is right around this time I hear my phone beep.  I had missed a call and as I checked my voicemail I am greeted by the voice of my father.  Sounding perfectly healthy and, if I do say so, rather smug.  His message went a little something like this, “just calling to let you know I’m feeling better!  So, no need to stop for soup I’m just going to walk across the street for a bite to eat.  Also, no need to hurry home!  So stay out late if you want!  Have fun! Bye!!!” 

We’d been had!!!  🙂

At this point we were able to kick back and take our time.  So after another appetizer (of course!) Todd got to finish out the trip with a gorgeous lobster tail and a perfectly cooked rare filet.  For my part I wound up with a wonderful red snapper plate with chunks of crab and scallops and shrimp in a creamy (but not heavy) cream sauce.  YUM!  It was so amazing I had ploughed through almost half before Todd reminded me to take a picture.  I tried to reassemble what I had left on my plate but you’ll just have to take my word for it that it was better than this picture looks. 

I was beyond stuffed but it was our last night so I had to have some keylime pie!  It was just about the only time my husband didn’t have to talk me into it. 

So all’s well that ends well, as they say.  My dad was not sick which was good.  My husband and I got a very nice evening to enjoy out just the two of us on our last night in Florida.  And we still had our farewell visit to Pompano Joe’s before heading back to the Springs!