This day of vacay was spent entirely dedicated to stuffing our faces…and it was glorious!  I was actually so busy shoving various delicious goodies into my mouth I barely took any pictures at all! 

But first…up early for ocean kayaking!!!  Todd and I have obviously been in kayaks before but that was on rivers in more white-water-y ways.  We were both maybe a little bit nervous about being out in the big blue and possibly, in our brains, ending the morning as shark food.  But the water was clear and calm and this is an experience that we are both eager to repeat on future visits!  Way cool.

After kayaking we headed back for a snack and a quick dip in the pool and then got cleaned up and presentable.  Finally we were presentable enough to leave the condo for the day.  We had already planned to spend the majority of the afternoon in Baytowne Wharf.  It’s kind of a gated community with lots of homes and condos but it also has a golf course and a marina and a small-but-plentiful shopping/restaurant area on premises.  All of these eateries are, I’m sure, quite good but I wouldn’t really know because in my multiple visits to the area I have yet to stray from the two that I have found that I love so much. 

The first is called Hammerheads and it is a partially covered outdoor/patio type bar.  It is right on the marina and every time I’ve been there they have had live music in the background.  I imagine it probably gets loud and rowdy in the evenings but I’ve only made the trip here in the afternoon so this is pure speculation on my part. 

I call it a bar (because it is one) but they also serve what looks to be a pretty tantalizing menu.  On this menu they offer wings.  Whoop-dee-doo, right?  Ummmm…yes.  Right is right.  Oh good lord these wings are good!  They are not baked or fried but seasoned and, wait for it, GRILLED and they are am-a-zing. 

I think my dad thought we were a little bit dumb for being so excited about having chicken wings.  But you see, he had never had THESE wings.  I do believe he was impressed.  And now come to think of it, we have since discussed attempting to grill our own wings at home but have yet to get around to it.  Shame on us.

Next stop was the Acme Oyster House.  Yes it’s a sort-of chain (with the original one in New Orleans) but their char-grilled oysters are to-die-for!  For real Todd talks about these oysters periodically throughout the year.  This from a man who is deathly afraid of oysters*.  He freaking loves them!  And with good reason.  They shuck ’em, drench them in garlic butter and parmesan cheese and then throw those suckers on the grill.  Yay!

So we figured we’d stop in for a dozen and a cocktail.  Obviously.  But that was simply not sufficient.  So Todd ordered a second dozen.  And I got a side of red beans and rice.  And another round of drinks.  We are total gluttons!  Man I love appetizer food!  My dad, however, was not pleased at all with our overly-indulgent behavior and it almost came to blows with the guys!!!  So scary!!!

Okay so I am totally full of baloney.  I can’t actually remember why I told them to look mad but this is one of my favorite pictures from the trip.  You can see my dad on the verge of cracking a smile but he’s hangin’ in there!  🙂  Silly fellas.

We still had some time to kill before thinking too much about dinner and, by this point, it was nearly happy hour.  Har har :).

So we went across the highway to what may, or may not, still be more of  the Baytowne area to the Hilton.  We took a look at the beach and my dad pointed out a few condos and then we decided to pop into the bar.  We sat outside where they had quite a nice sitting area set up aside from the actual tables.  My dad and I were pretty predictable with beer and wine.  Todd was also rather predictable when he ordered a “sidecar”.

Now.  I say he was predictable because this is a man who appreciates a well made cocktail.  He is a self-admitted snob when it comes to mixed drinks.  He is generally disappointed and his mantra may as well be, “ugh.  I make it better”.  This is okay for one simple reason, and that is this:  he is 100% right.

His drinks are amazing.  As a result of setting his particular bar so high (pardon the pun) he is almost continuously disappointed.  And this was no exception.  Hence the quotation marks around the aforementioned “sidecar”.  What, you think I’m exaggerating? 

Like I said.

But it was a consistent source of amusement for me for the duration of the trip.  Mojito.  Gross.  Sidecar.  Disappointment (twice.  The one at Bonefish our first night was a special sort of awful.  Even I wouldn’t drink it and that’s saying something). 

Poor guy.  Half the time all he wanted was a beer.  No go for this gluten-free fella.

Anyway.  After all this partying we dropped my father back off at the condo and Todd and I went to find a fish market.  We ended up with some ginormous shrimp and fresh sea bass.  The bass was really good but not as great as the chilean that we are accustomed to (spoiled by).  But quite the tasty meal nonetheless.  We basically let my dad hang out and cook the rice but we were in to the idea of sort of treating him to dinner.  Todd took over shelling and de-pooping and cooking the shrimp (the highlight of the meal!) while I made salad, sautéed asparagus and seasoned the bass.  Add in a glass of tasty red wine and two of my favorite guys in the world and this becomes my other favorite dinner of the trip. 

And we still have and entire day to go!!!

*  Deathly afraid=on our honeymoon I was excited to have him try raw oysters for the first time…which he did.  Unfortunately, a lot of the places down there that do big raw oyster business have actual disclaimers either on their menus or, worse yet, on little printed slips ON THE PLATES explaining the various ways that consumption of this particular tasty dish may result in hospitalization or death.  So helpful.