I should preface this post with the disclaimer that:  I love bars.  Love.  Them.  And generally I’m not all that picky.

That being said…

Last time we visited Destin my dad took us by a bar he thought we might be interested in.  It’s a half-hour-ish drive from where we stay but he insisted it was worth the trip.  When I say he “took us by” I mean we drove up, went in and looked around and took off.  I remember the atmosphere being pretty cool   but we were only there for about a minute and a half.  Fast forward to this trip and Todd and I had expressed an interest to make a longer visit to…The Red Bar. 

It sits right off of the beach in the Grayton Beach area and (combined with about two art-y type shops and one other bar) pretty much constitutes the entire “town”.  Huh.  My kind of place :).

Anyway, my dad had proclaimed that he had, on a prior visit, had the “best gumbo of his life” there.  Sold!  So we drove over for lunch. 

So good!  We all three had the gumbo (it was tasty!) and then shared the Smoked Tuna Salad.  Holy Moly!  Not only was this salad gigantic, it also qualifies as one of the best things we ate the entire week.  The tuna was perfectly smoked and the salad came with a tomato basil dressing that was so good it made us sad.  See we didn’t want to mask the amazing tuna with the amazing dressing so…the dressing was wasted.  You understand our predicament. 

Man.  Vacation is hard!  🙂

After lunch we headed over to Seaside which is this almost-creepily-perfect little resort town that feels very much like a movie set.  In fact my dad told us that a good portion of The Truman Show was filmed there.  I’ll buy that.

We’re not really shoppers but we wandered around the town a bit anyway and eventually made our way to Bud and Alley’s .  They have an upstairs outdoor bar that overlooks the ocean.  Guess where we headed?  We hung out for a round of cocktails and then it was just about time to think about heading back to Destin to start on dinner. 

We had decided to alternate dinner out with cooking in every other night.  And, true to form, the meals we cooked in wound up being my very favorite of the trip!  Part of it is the group effort, part of it is that I love cooking and of course, part of it is the awesome end result :).  So we stopped off at a local seafood market where they get the fresh catch everyday where we picked up some red snapper and then back to the condo! 

While my husband and I took a sunset walk on the beach (I know, we’re so adorable) my dad started prepping one of his famous salads.  Seriously.  My dad makes the best salads in the world.  We also wound up with wome wild rice and asparagus and once we got back from the beach it was time for Todd and I to finally pitch in.  So we had a couple of drinks and got to cooking and wound up with, if I do say so myself, a wild success…   

Like I said…one of my favorite nights!