This is arguably our favorite place in Destin for drinks and appetizers.  My husband and I have made it something of a tradition to both begin and end our time in the area with a trip to this restaurant (with a few other stops in between) so this is a name that may pop up a time or two.  It is a place that we wistfully reference throughout the year as a way to sort of sum up the entire feel of our time there.  All of this to simply say: We love it!

What makes this particular place so great?  Well to start I have three words for you….location, location, location.  Sitting right on the beach they have giant wooden shutters that open directly to the open air and unbeatable view.  It is walking distance from the condo we typically stay at.  It’s in Florida.  Need I go on?

Is it sort of tourist-y?  Yes.  Is it a little flashy and borderline obnoxious in it’s bend-over-backwards catering to kids?  Of course.  So is every other place in the area.  But this place just tends to strike us a little bit differently for some reason.  Maybe just because over the years we’ve come to think of it as “ours” and that’s enough. 

We rarely eat a “meal” there.  Not because the food’s not amazing, because it’s great.  I think it’s because we know that if we are “just stopping in for drinks and apps” we can make four trips there as opposed to one or two “dinners”.  Does that make sense? 

Which is not to say that we ever leave hungry either.  For example when my dad picked us up from the airport we barely bothered to drop our bags off at our place before we were headed to Joe’s.  We proceeded to order (to my father’s amusement) THREE appetizers and a couple of rounds of drinks.  The wings are a must as is our go-to-favorite which is a giant plate of tiny (blue?) crab claws sautéed in garlic butter sauce.  These we make time for three times per trip at an absolute minimum.  They are that good.

After getting fortified with some snacks and drinks, we headed over to the harbor to AJ’s.  This is a bar that is always busy this time of year because the entire month of October there is a giant fishing “rodeo” and each evening all of the fisherman pull into the harbor and weigh their daily hauls.  Fun to kill some time but the bar tends to be a bit loud as there is usually a live band turned up way too loud.  Still a stop we make at least a time or two and a great place to check out the sunset!  See?  My dad seems to be enjoying it!  Or maybe he’s just bored with us as Todd and I are playing with our cameras…awww…  🙂

Next was more wine and more food….apparently we forgot about being tired!

For dinner we headed to Bonefish Grill which is actually a chain restaurant but a really good one.  After two MORE appetizers (for those of us keeping count that brings us to five!  Whatever, we’re on vacation!) of Bang Bang Shrimp and Ahi we proceeded to entrees.  No pictures of any of the food but my Wahoo was awesome!  And now we were too full for dessert.  Todd even turned down creme brulee!!!!  Our only photographic evidence of our feast is the mess we left behind:  We are SLOBS.  🙂

After a super quick stop at the store for a.m. provisions we all headed back to condo to faceplant into bed.  Exhaustion + food coma= one happy girl.  And just think, this was a travel day so it didn’t even “count” as vacation!  

Five more days to go!!!