We had a super early flight out of the Springs and, true to form, neither of us were packed and ready to go at a decent hour the night before.  As a result we got just a few hours of sleep before it was time to head out to airport at something like five in the morning.  Ewww.

We booked it this way so that we would be getting to Florida at around noon-ish, thus squeezing an entire extra day of vacation out of our time off.  We are so smart.

I should preface the following statement with the relevant information that I am a very.  Bad.  Flyer.

Airports and planes and flights tend to be the worst part of vacations for not only me, but everyone (Todd) around me.  I should probably be tranquilized every time but instead make do on either a couple of cocktails or pure exhaustion depending on which seems most appropriate :).  That being said:  The first leg of our trip was The Best Flight I’ve Ever Had!

I was too tired even for Starbucks so I knew I would assuredly be able to sleep the entire way.  Good start.  I was in the middle seat between Todd and a stranger but, before we even got to our seat, said stranger already had earphones in and a book out.  Perfect!  So I pass out and proceed to do the noddy-jerky-head-thing for a while before the nice stranger taps me on the shoulder.  Apparently the leather headrest on my seat was not just decorative.  It is also bendy on either side which, when bent appropriately, keeps your sleeping noggin from flopping all over and allows for a very stationary and comfortable nap.  THEN!  One we arrived and I was struggling to not be a giant groggy mess, same stranger gave me a (still wrapped) pack of gum  with a nod and these words, “Sugar, you know.  Will wake you up”.*

 And then POOF he was gone.  Like I said.  Best flight ever.

In my thirty-some-odd years how did I not ever learn of this wonderful airplane seat innovation?  Don’t know but check me out, flyin’ and learnin’! 

The second leg of our flight was uneventful.  Though it  might be worth noting that I was super excited to put my brand new knowledge to use only to find we’d been put on some crappy puddle jumper that didn’t have bendy headrests so I had to suffer floppy-noggin all the way to our final destination.  Whatever.  I was so buoyed by the kindness of my stranger (and my excitement to get off the plane and start our vacay) that I barely cared. 

And now…Food!   Food.  Wine.  Beach.  Yay!  I love Destin!

*Of course I know I’m not supposed to take candy from strangers.  I did eventually let my paranoia get the better of me and throw it out but not after I chewed two pieces.  I didn’t die.  Which means my faith in the kindness of my fellow man has been restored.  Also, I think vacation would have been notably less fun if I had been dead.  So good news all around.