Today we just got back from a wonderfully relaxing vacation in Destin, Florida with my dad.  There will be a full recap coming up of the trip, but first I will relate the tiny “hiccup” we had at the tail end.  Should have known there’d be issues, just look at the reaction Todd had to leaving the beach: 

We were scheduled to leave Destin at just before six p.m. on Monday evening which we figured would put us home at (taking into account the time change) just before eleven at night.  That would give us some time to regroup and unwind and play with the dog before getting to bed early in anticipation of getting back into the swing of things today.

Best laid plans and all that….

Despite the fact that the Fort Walton Beach airport is tiny we still showed up about an hour early.  We were excited to get home to the Killing Machine and were looking forward to literally flying off into the sunset.  *insert sigh of contentment*

Because we had some time to kill I had plenty of time to pick a magazine for the first leg of our flight and I was thrilled to discover the brand new Glamour!  To give you an idea how small and trusting this airport is:  I picked my mag and went around to the front of the kiosk to pay for it and was informed that they had just counted down the register. 


That was fine because I happened to know there was one other small magazine stand downstairs near our gate.  No worries.

But no.

I was simply instructed to take the magazine with me down the (admittedly small, but still) concourse to either Quizno’s or the bar and just pay for it elsewhere.  What?!?!

Um, also…did you say the bar?  Well, don’t-mind-if-we-do!  So we settled in to hurry through a Woodford on the rocks (for him) and a chardonnay (for me)  and meanwhile we are eyeballing both the clock (so we don’t miss our boarding time) and also the attached sub shop because it smells incredible.  Now, we had actually just eaten and had a relatively short flight coming up.  Also, the hubby is sensitive to gluten and tries to avoid it when possible so sandwiches like that are, more or less, out of the question.  Poor guy.  But despite his protests, I did opt to grab a couple of bags of chips and a couple of Kind Bars to stuff in my carry-on.   You never know, you know?  He will thank me later.

Fast-forward to almost an hour after our scheduled departure time and we still don’t have a plane.

We finally take off and my super-zen-for-a-day-husband calms me with a litany of, “it is what it is”.  Well done.  Shut up.

That is until he starts to get all antsy on the plane-that-finally-showed as we are watching the clock tick down at thirty thousand feet.  At which point we switch roles and it is me flipping casually through my new Glamour like a (very fashion-forward) Buddhist monk reminding him that “it’s out of our hands now”.

Aren’t we precious.

So all of this “go-with-the-flow-nonsense” results in this:  After we make the tram at DFW at a dead sprint we are rewarded with a beautiful moonlit view of our plane taking off just as we are pulling up to the platform. 

Fat lot of good that did, huh?  🙂

So we are now stuck in Texas with no car and no luggage.

Of Texas, I am not a fan.  Sorry.

So we get a shuttle and the airline puts us up at a hotel motel.  We walk next door to another (significantly nicer) hotel that has food and a bar and the bartender greets us thus:

“Hey guys, welcome to Where-ever!  Soooo…left behind by XYZ Airline, huh?  Cool!  Well…see ya’ later!”

Okay, so that’s not exactly accurate , but it was a very Dumb and Dumber moment when he guessed right away what we were doing in his, rather crowded, bar.

He then proceeded to inform us that if we had raised a stink we would, more than likely, be staying in his (as aforementioned) much nicer hotel.  Or at least gotten food vouchers.  Or something.  Anything.  Whatever. Not something we didn’t already realize considering the industry that we work in but still..not our style. 

While there is always an argument for the “squeaky wheel” we also do not believe that bad behavior (i.e. bitching up a storm at somebody who was not responsible and had no control) should be rewarded.  (No, I don’t “know-who-you-are”.  Nor do I care.  Better luck next time.)

That is not to say that my husband did not then proceed to beat himself up over the fact that he was not a big jerk to the airline employee.  But I realized that, while he was mad for feeling like a doormat, he was probably just hungry.  And tired.  And needed a drink.  I was right three times.  🙂

So we got a couple of tasty burgers, and a couple of rounds of drinks.  (I know the picture sucks.  The flash would’ve been too disruptive.   Call it “commemorative”).  The silver-lining is that we got another evening together that would possibly been utilized to unpack and veg out to instead enjoy each other one-on-one.  So not all was lost.

We got four hours of fitful sleep and no wake-up call from our crappy motel but we were already up because we were afraid of oversleeping and missing our flight.  

And, he relented this morning, Todd had lost the fire in his belly from the night before to throw a big fit and demand an upgrade or compensation for our meals or something (even though it was another hundred bucks or so with dinner and drinks and breakfast and tips and magazines, etc).  It just wouldn’t be right. 

At least they kept the plane in the sky!

Our luggage arrived with us and (after wandering around in the very brisk Colorado morning) we  eventually found our car.  So we are safe and sound and now just have one more shared adventure together.  Ideal conditions?  No.  But I can’t imagine anybody on earth I’d rather be stranded with.

The biggest inconvenience (and the BIGGEST thank you) goes to my mom.  She was on duty as dog sitter for the Killing Machine for the last handful of days.  And then once she thought she was off the hook she had to squeeze two more trips over to our place into her busy schedule. 

We owe her.  Big.  Time.

So glad to be home!