So after work today I came home and had my giant salad with tuna while I did my very best to procrastinate Yoga X.  Uggh.  I’m sorry (no, I’m not) but an hour and a half of this is about half an hour too long.  Now, I’ve been to yoga classes before where, after an hour when it’s time to wrap things up, I’m left looking around not only surprised but also sad that the experience is over.  This is what I expected.  I was swiftly disabused of that notion.  I’m not sure how but this yoga is booo-rr–inggg.  Whatever.  Maybe it’s me. 

Anyway, I conquer my workout and am rewarded with…?!?!?!….LOTS OF CLEANING!!!   Yay!!!  😦

I even had to make a list (I am not a list-maker) just so I could cross things off, thus having motivation to not watch crappy t.v. and drink cheap wine.  The first thing on said list:  Make A List.  This was not the last item I added (even after I had already completed the task) just so I had something to cross off.

But the end result is awesome!  I have a clean home, a clean me, a clean dog (also, for the record, a rather angry dog) and a full belly.  While I was bathing both myself and the mutt (not in that order) I had some tasty wings in the oven.  I was so speedy that I still had twenty minutes until food and I was getting nasty-hungry so I held myself over with this:  Carrots, celery and…damnit!  I just realized I forgot my tomatoes!  For shame!

Hmmm…hold the phone?!?!  What is this that has snuck into my picture?  Is that?…could it be?!?!…why yes!…yes, it’s Barley Green!   My husbands food-of-choice (I’m using the term “food” here pretty loosely.  Another time.)  I most definitely did not have that!  Instead I opted for actual food.  Lot’s o’ well-deserved wings and a giant side of my favorite southwest veggie mix:  Yum!!  That’s more like it!  I can’t recall if we had tried this sauce before but it was quite awesome.  But seeing as I love spicy I did add some Tabasco to both the wings and the veggies. 

Later looking forward to some berries for dessert :)!

Tomorrow is an early shift and then Kenpo day and then I get to spend at least part of the evening with my mom!!!  Maybe a walk?  Maybe a snack?  Maybe a cocktail?  Maybe all three-we’re nutty like that :).  Only time will tell.  Also, I’ll probably let her in on this blog tomorrow so you may be seeing a bit more of her in the future :).

Good night for now!!!