…for dinner.  (Or for tomorrows lunch for me, as it were).  We’ve been working on eating our way through our pantry and our freezer the last couple of days.  And, as a result, dinners have been nearly free.  They have also been rather heavy.  Healthy, yes.  But heavy.  Think tasty tortilla soup-that-is-more-like-stew…at midnight…two bowls full.  Followed by half a Kashi pizza (yum!).  Or imagine a gigantic mustard crusted porkchop…at midnight.  Followed by (the other) half of a Kashi pizza (also yum!).  Then more leftover soup/stew for lunch.  You get the idea.  Now the soup-thing was made by me from scratch so I know that everything in there was fresh, clean, etc.  It was just…heavy.  Likewise, I prepared the porkchops…no extra sodium or weirdness, very clean, very lean just…heavy.  I.  Am.  FULL!

In my defense, the fabulous pizza was a late night surprise from my husband that I could not possibly resist. ( Oh Pizza, you handsome devil, it’s been too long!).  I’m just proud of myself for making it last for two nights.  You may call me Mrs. Self-Control.

As a result tonight all I was craving was veggies.  So after my workout I spent an hour and a half watching Swimfan on t.v. (surprisingly unimproved since the first time I saw it.  Consider me shocked.  Ha.) and cutting up lots of veggies!!!  One of these is my lunch tomorrow (to be topped by a can of tuna)  and the other is for my husband to take to work (probably with more leftovers.  Not so fancy this week).  And my dinner this evening consisted of more of the same but pre-chopped.  Celery, carrot and cucumber sticks with some tomatoes on the side with a couple of slices of deli ham (and a small dollop of jalapeno-ranch for dipping :)!)  and I am one happy girl! 

So happy, in fact that in a little bit I plan on polishing off out last oatmeal-easter-bunny-cookie while I…make more cookies!!!  🙂  I have an almost-frightening banana that is screaming for some cookie-love.  Awww…poor guy.  Not for long!