You know those commercials with the split screen where on one side it shows some lady eating a giant jelly doughnut and on the other side she’s snacking on carrot sticks?  Then she picks a salad over pizza?  And on and on?  That’s how I’m feeling today. 

I started my morning with coffee and a couple of leftover cookies that I made the other night   (there were some grapes and strawberries in there too, but the star of the breakfast show was the cookie.)  They are oatmeal chocolate “chip” cookies with flaxseeds.  Yum.  The “chip” part comes from the fact that I did not actually use chocolate chips, per se, but instead broke up a giant chocolate easter bunny that I found in the back of the freezer.  How’s that for resourceful?  Go me.  Also, I had two, not the entire plate on the right.  You know, just for the record :).

This was enjoyed while halfway watching some crap on Lifetime.  (I’m serious.  Seriously embarrassed, that is). 

I also contemplated the other half of pizza in the fridge that I’m actually saving for after work.  Not because I was hungry, but because I was sort of bored and also needed to kill some time in order to put off the things I’m supposed to be doing today.  But I resisted.  Both the pizza and the t.v.

Instead I decided to peel myself off of the couch get outside.  I woke up today to what I consider the first day of fall.  It is a perfect Colorado day for the beginning of October.  The sun is shining and it’s brisk and cool.  An ideal day for a bit of a stroll to start the day.  Much to the chagrin of this guy:

Forty-five minutes later and I only narrowly avoided having to carry him back to the car.  Stubborn monster! 

Next up, plyometrics for an hour, a quick shower and then it’s time to cobble together dinner for tonight.  So how’s that for changing my split screen for the day?