Remember all of that “opportunities are endless” nonsense I was spouting the other day concerning my wide open day off today?  Well, as it stands it’s four-thirty in the afternoon and I have not even gotten around to showering yet.  Now, as my husband can attest, I have an irritating habit of sort of wasting my free time/days off and then getting so mad at myself for not doing anything productive that I then turn all sour-grapes about it thus wrecking any time that may have been salvageable by being a big, grumpy bitch.  Not one of my most endearing qualities, I know, but it is what it is.

That being said…I do have a date with my husband planned for this evening (two hours from now, actually) that involves dragging the dog around until it gets dark, making a fabulous italian dinner, watching a movie and just generally being awesome together.  About this I am very excited.  This means I have two hours to myself to either:

a.  get out and enjoy the Colorado sunshine   or

2. sit around and do nothing. 

I’m kidding.  Kind of. 

I sort of feel like just being a lazy lump today even though I know I will probably end up kicking myself later.  It’s not that I’ve been totally unproductive today.  I was up by twelve-thirty.  We got our workout out of the way right off the bat (I do love Kenpo day!).  I also did some laundry and the dishes and spent a pretty considerable amount of time bothering the dog as evidenced by the explosion of toys in my living room and the little brown dog socked out on the couch.  He’s had it with me for the day I think. 

 I also got some reading done and had a tasty lunch of leftover chicken and quinoa.  (Somebody may or may not have lucked into my plate when I was done.  Geez, can’t even be bothered to get up, huh buddy?).


Please note the giant greedy tongue.  That’s my boy! 

Well, so there.  I did stuff with my day.  And it’s still early yet so not all is lost.  And now I sort of am motivated to go get some fresh air.  I will leave the dog here to conserve his energy for his impending walk here in a little bit.  Aren’t I nice?

   Hardest working dog in show business.