P-shaw….like there was any doubt of that. 

Today has been awesome so far and, despite getting a late start, we got everything in today that we wanted to! 

The workout this morning is what put us behind.  It was back and legs.  We were behind not because it just took soooo looong….no.  We were behind because we were both dreading the workout so much that we didn’t even get started until well into “Pancake Time”.  How mad was I?!?!  Instead of shoving tasty discs of dough into my face I was, instead, just pushing “play” on a seventy-five minute workout.


While I cannot comment on Todd’s reluctance to get going (though I’ve got a pretty good guess or two) I can tell you that my foot dragging was seated in the fact that this is a workout that revolves around a lot of pull-ups (both overhand and reverse-grip).  Would you care to hazard a guess at who cannot do a pull up and who also hates feeling like a failure?…for seventy-five minutes at a time?

You are too good.

But I was pleasantly surprised by the realization that, in just two short weeks, I am now a Monster!!!  Well, I may be overstating things but today, as I sulked my way to the pull-up bar I was already mentally writing down “zeros” in my little journal thing.  Huh.  Guess who did a chin-up today!!!  I did one with No. Help. At. All.  No chair, no little hop, no nothing.  For all subsequent ones I needed chair help but whatever. 

*sing-song-y*  I-did-a-pull-up-I-did-a-pull-up!


Then after my glorious success I was rewarded with (*mumble grumble* the rest of the workout plus Ab-Ripper X.  Boo!…but THEN…) fabulous chocolate-chip pancakes, courtesy of my wonderful husband, with some fruit and fresh-brewed Don Fransisco coffee.  No picture for you, my dears, because it is all in my belly.  And it is glorious!

After our three p.m. “breakfast” (I told you we got a late start) we set out for Garden of  the Gods for about a forty minute hike/walk.  Not a cloud in the sky!  We wandered around to some of our old climbing spots (yeah, we used to do that.  Aren’t we the badasses?) and then headed to the store for provisions. 

The shrimp cocktail that was our appetizer was wolfed down WAYYY too quickly to get a photo without losing a hand (this was for Todd’s safety.  I get a little nasty when I’m hungry and by this point I was FAMISHED!!).  But once we had that to hold us over I made a caprese salad as a second course while my gorgeous husband prepped the lamb for the grill.  It was during this time that I told him about this blog.  So you’ll be seeing a bit more of him in the future :). 

Oh.  Yum. 

This is something we used to do all the time when we first “discovered” caprese salads.  Not sure when they fell by the wayside but this was my husband’s idea and boy, was it ever a good one!  Super fresh, not too filling and a perfect follow-up to the shrimp cocktail.  We hung out and had a drink and chatted for about forty minutes or so and then it was time for some serious food. 

We both got to work (me on the brocollini and him on the mashed ‘taters).  Talk about a quick and easy dinner!  Ten minutes later we were sitting down to this:


And we still have some Arkham Asylum to play while we work up an appetite for champagne and strawberries!

Tomorrow there is Kempo X and then a day of rest :).  Then maybe I’ll clean up the place while Todd gets some work done and then I’m claiming  him!  We’ll haul the pooch out for a  “drag” when it cools off. 

And then…Pasta!!!  

I think I hear some Korbel calling my name….

Good night!