Okay, so I know that for the majority of the world Tuesday and Wednesday is, more or less, the antithesis of “the weekend”.  But that hardly applies to this household.  See my husband and I are both in the restaurant industry.  We do, in fact, work in the very same restaurant.  Handy handy.  But in this line of work that also means that conventional weekends and holidays are not the fun-filled, much-anticipated little respites from the mundane drudgery of day-to-day life that they are for all of the nine-to-fivers.  They are actually the most trying days of the year.  But I digress…

This is actually not where I start bitching.  Or moaning.  Or kevetching.  At least not this time.

See, Monday was officially our two year anniversary.  Which, if you’ve been paying attention, you already knew.  If you weren’t paying attention, consider yourself all caught up.  It was the celebration of the day that this guy made me the happiest girl in the world.  It was also the day that we both went to work.  Voluntarily.  Are we callous?  Are we devoid of sentiment?  Are we dumb? …or are we brilliant?!?!  In case you were wondering, the correct answer is the last one.  This is because our restaurant is very very small.  It is also very very popular.  Occasionally it is popular enough for a large group to pay us to not let anybody else in.  Thank you supply-and-demand.  We call this a buyout.  We love buyouts.  Love.  Them.  We had one on the books tonight.  Hence, we both worked.


Not all was lost.  Not even close.

The night prior we rang in our anniversary with a tasty breakfast-for-dinner followed by a very un-breakfast-y treat that looked a little something like this:  *drool*

Not the whole thing, mind you.  I mean we’re not total savages.  Okay, it wasn’t the whole thing because I only brought two slices home.  This is, essentially, the cake we had as our wedding cake.  It is a super-rich, flourless chocolate cake that, if left to our own devices, Todd and I could do some pretty serious damage to in an astonishingly short amount of time.  So fine.  We are savages.  Of the chocolate variety.  So be it. 


The point is that we made sure to mark the outset of the occasion (which I think is important.  Especially when the marking of said occasion is done with tasty, tasty chocolate). 

Then we went to work. 

We had a surprisingly fun and productive shift and now…now is our weekend!  Tomorrow will start with (post-workout) pancakes and maybe a hike.  We’re making lamb and potatoes and broccolini and salad for dinner.  But not before relaxing on the balcony with a couple of cocktails and maybe a sunset.   And, most likely, a little side of this:  (I know he doesn’t look it but I assure you he’s having a wonderful time in this picture!) 🙂  All-in-all, the plan is just to enjoy some down-time together.  I think we’ve earned it!

As for Wednesday?  The opportunities are endless!  Ahhh..weekends!

Congratulations, Us!!!