So in college.  I ate garbage.  I am convinced that the rhyming is not coincidental.  (Shut up.  It kind of rhymes.)

 The Ramen. 

The Taco Bell. 

The Velveeta. 

The fact that everything has to be capitalized…gross. 

The pinnacle of my culinary accomplishments up to this point was a (delicious!!!!) concoction of Kraft Mac-and-Cheese, topped with a can of tuna fish (gratuitous mayo, of course) and then finished off with a giant dollop of….wait for it….applesauce!   (Don’t knock it ’til you try it!  I still dream about this meal).  And the best part was you only dirty one thing because you cook the mac and then just layer everything in the pot and eat it with a spoon.  Oh My Yum! 

Ahhh.  Let’s move on.

Fast forward about six years and I had still never made eggs.  

*lengthy pause* 


How’s that for embarrassing?  The reason I had never made them is because:

I.  Didn’t.  Know.  How. 

My temporary roommate at the time was gracious enough to show me how to scramble some (multiple times) without the ridicule I deserved (thank you Amber).  And as a result I thought “italian seasoning” was terribly exotic.  I’m not knocking it, so settle down.  I actually have a GIANT tub of it on hand at all times.  


   So between boxed food and bar food what more could a girl possibly need?  

I tell you these things so that I can can show you this:

Ummm…Shut Up.  How much do I rock?!?!

And this is “work food” (As in the stuff-that-ends-up-unceremoniously-dumped-into-the-closest-plastic-container-as-we-haul-ass-out-the-door.  As in stuff-we eat bite-by-bite (and usually cold) between- tables/bar guests/sidework.)  In a word=things we eat because we have to.  Not because it’s awesome.  Even though THIS IS!  IT’S AWESOME!  What happened, you ask?


I had some chicken.

I also had some balsamic vinegar (that never made it into the recipe even though that was the whole idea), some cherry preserves (which I didn’t use because I spied some “almost-bad” peaches on the counter that had to be used for something), some white wine (it was in my hand but also ended up in the dish.  Who says I don’t know how to share?).  Without a trip to the store (or leaving the house at all) I was also able to procure:

ginger (powder)


black olives


black pepper

garlic (fresh)

spinach and…I almost forgot the very first thing I started with!!!!….

fresh corn-on-the-cob (roasted with oil, salt, pepper and paprika).

I will call this :  Oven Roasted Chicken on Peppered Sweet Corn

Dressed with:  A Warm Summer Peach and Cilantro Salsa with Olives on a Wilted Spinach Salad.

Oh aren’t we fancy!  

Why yes.  Yes we are.  Pretty much this whole post was started as a “Where I Started Out As…” type-of-deal but that’s lame.  Nobody gives a shit what kind of garbage I was “cooking” twelve years ago.   I’d rather make it more of a “Nyahny Nyahny Boo Boo” type-of-deal.  As in…

*cue Happy Gilmore voice* 

“Soomeeebody learned how to cooook”! 


But seriously.  I spent the better part of the afternoon equal parts “excited-about-cooking-dinner-for-tomorrow” vs.  “shit!-we-have-no-food-’cause-we’re going-on-vacation”.  And I would say that I won.  Big time.  Not only was this thoroughly enjoyable, it is also really healthy and it TASTES GOOD!.

Like I said.  I win.

And Hoggs, you are invited to dinner anytime.  🙂