I’ve been rather lazy the last week or so since finishing our first round of Insanity but now it’s time to get our butts back in gear.  And it seems that this particular gear is in the shape of P90X!!! 


 My husband and I are starting the program tomorrow which means today was the fit test.  I will say it was a far cry from the fit test in Insanity (upon the first completion of which the first words out of Todd’s mouth were, and I quote, “I think I’m gonna puke”.  Ha!)  Don’t misunderstand me though.  By “far cry” I most definitely don’t mean to say “easier”.  Just different.  I guess I’m a little nervous to start as we watched a portion of our first workout last night to get an idea of what we were going to be in for.  Yowza!  Though I am excited by the prospect of (someday soon) doing my first ever proper pull-up!

Also…I don’t know if I can take Tony Horton for a full 90 days.  There.  It’s out there.  It’s just that the guy never shuts up!  The dvd actually gives you an option to shut off the majority of his jibber jabber which I am sure we will be taking full advantage of but seriously…as my husband pointed out, if you were the instructor and, during editing, your company threw out the idea to maybe give your audience the option ignore your ass would that not send up a little red flag to you?  Would that not give you just the slightest pause and maybe cause yourself to question just how annoying you may be? 

Alright, I’m a big bitch.  Maybe it won’t be so bad.  Maybe I will actually end up finding him funny and endearing.  Or maybe I will just spend the next 90 days missing Shaun T and his little band of hard-bodied misfits.  I guess time will tell.  In the meantime, I intend to work my ass off so, even if I wind up halfway nutty from listening to mindless drivel for an hour and a half a day I will also be smokin’ hot.  It’s good to have goals!

In the meantime, there is a pint of Haagen-Dazs calling in the kitchen calling my name. 

We’ll call it an advance reward for what I have no doubt will be a killler workout tomorrow.  Can’t wait!