So dinner tonight was leftover thai.  No complaints here.  BUT.  I decided to cook for tomorrow night (we both work) and it’s simple but pretty awesome if I do say so myself.  We are going to call this dish “Cop-Out Chicken”.  Because I can take no credit aside from turning on the oven.  Talk about easy.  The rest of the meal pretty much follows this theme…equals…lazy/tasty!! 

Chicken is soaked overnight in Stubbs BBQ.  Oh My Yum!!!  Then baked.

Roasted potato, onions and mushrooms with italian seasoning, black pepper and a (more than) liberal dose of red pepper flakes.  I like me some spice!!!

Add a whole bunch of fresh cut veggies for a salad and dinner is D-U-N. 

Made enough for plenty of leftovers/other meals.  Obviously.

Despite the impression from the previous takeout post, this is actually closer to how we usually eat.  We like fresh, whole, real food and as a result this is what our pantry usually looks like (-ish):  A lot of wasted space, I know but…what else are we going to do with it?!?!   We already store the paper towels, garbage bags and random painting/cleaning supplies in there (super safe, I know) and we still have SO MUCH SPACE!!!!

I guess we could either rent out the space to a couple of midgets or buy more chips.  Aside from that I’m fresh out of ideas.  

Just not really diggin’ the proccesesed crap.