So I love food.   I love to eat it.  I love to cook it.  I love to talk about it.  And I love to read about it. 


This is not one of those blogs where you are going to see a picture of every banana I eat.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE bananas, but in reality they all look pretty much the same and so, on most days, I trust you to be able to picture the one that I may (or may not) have consumed.  I am absolutely not being snarky in regards to the bloggers that do document everything every day.  In fact some of my favorites that I follow do just that and I (metaphorically-and-sometimes-literally) slobber all over the place just waiting for the next post. 

It’s just that I’m lazy. 

Not only am I lazy, but seeing as how all of this is pretty new to me I am also pretty jazzed up about the whole idea still.   I don’t want to go setting some precedent that there is no way I will ever be able to live up to.  Let’s call this “self-preservation” shall we?

That being said:

Ta-da!!!  My belated (and much anticipated) thai feast!!!

I think it’s worth noting that the nice people at the restaurant supplied us with four sets of chopsticks (which I don’t use for thai food anyway but I’m a snob like that.  But I digress…).  I assume that they gave us this many because a reasonable assumption would be that four people were going to be enjoying this meal.  To that assumption I say this:  Ha!

Let’s just say that my husband and I did some serious damage and now I feel rather sick in the best possible way.

After paying such lipservice to the “healthy living blogs” that are sort of my inspiration I am kind of amused by the fact that my first food picture is encased entirely in styrofoam.  Judge if you want.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.  All set?  All I can say is that this particular sodium bomb is something we indulge in about twice a year and worth every bite.  No apologies here!  🙂

So there. 

A recap for today?

1.  I will not keep you up to date on every single oat that passes my lips because I am not clever enough to be able to keep that interesting for very long.  You are welcome that I am so self-aware.

2.  I ate like crap today.  But it was amazingly good!

3.  I got zero exercise today.

4.  I don’t feel one bit bad.

And now, a second side of dessert in the form of this:

And then some reading before bed. 

If you’re lucky I’ll be back tomorrow…