I started my day bright and early with a trip to the dentist…before work.  It’s like the beginning of a nightmare but real life.  Although I suppose that as nightmares go this one was pretty tame as the most traumatic part of the dentist today was multiple references to teeth-whitening (thanks a lot) and a finger-wagging over some “oral analysis” that I have, heretofore, failed to do. 

The failure on my part to fill out the stupid packet and watch the stupid video and actually commit to the analysis is rooted in this:

1.  It’s four hundred dollars.

2.  Out of pocket.

3.  Ha!  F*cking forget it.  If I’m shelling out that kind of bread on my teeth I think I’m opting for the “form over function” option…as in…white teeth please!!!

But really it’s a moot point because NOTHING is getting done until we have some extra cash to light on fire.  Set your Swatches, kids :).

After work I was looking forward to a little exercise.  So I headed home to take my gorgeous pooch for a drag.  That’s right.  Not a “walk”.  A “drag”.  Like this:

And before you all go getting your panties in a bunch, relax.  This was FIVE MINUTES IN!  For the record, there’s really not anything wrong with the dog (aside from  EVERYTHING but that’s a whole ‘nother post) it’s just that this particular dog Hates…I repeat…Hates.  Walks.

On the upside it was later in the day and so we (by “we” I of course mean “me” as the blind dog didn’t benefit from this at all.  What, like I’m not entitled to something?!?!) were treated to a view of this:

That is a rainbow you’re looking at on the right.  Yay!!!  So not all was lost.  Dog is currently doing what he does best.  Meaning he is stretched out and snoring and wondering where the hell his reward is.


Poor guy.


Next up?  To the kitchen!!!